About us

We are entrepreneurs and business people. Having gone through building, and running our own companies for over two decades, we have developed expertise, know-how, intellectual assets, and strategic networks that enable us to invest, create products, and provide services of a distinctive nature.

We are driven by our core belief that our health is our right and our own responsibility. And if we all take that very seriously, the most important person, the patient, becomes central to healthcare. 

We are transforming sick-care to a care that is preventative, personalized and participatory.

  1. We pioneer technology that enables individualized health optimization and disease prevention
  2. We help innovative life science companies develop and commercialize health products
  3. We educate and empower individuals and families with awareness of how illnesses develop and progress 

Our values

Strong Leadership 
Management discipline
We operate with a fundamental philosophy of creating, sustaining, and driving longterm value. Success and longterm growth come only with the co-existence of entrepreneurship and management discipline. Entrepreneurship and innovation pushes for constant experimentation and improvement, while management discipline brings stability and promotes the development of an identity. The two cannot co-exist without strong visionary leadership.

Our History

Kashbon Group has been a relentless effort since the year 2000, reinventing itself at every turn along the way. 

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Our Leadership

Kah Jing Lim, PhD

Dr. Kah Jing Lim's expertise is in molecular biology, cancer biology, the Natural Health Products industry, GMP manufacturing and ERP implementation.

Indrajit Sinha, PhD, MBA

Dr. Indrajit Sinha's background is in biotechnology, microbiology, intellectual property, manufacturing, and regulatory compliance.