About Us

All our efforts converge into one singular purpose: successful advancement of therapeutics, consumer health products, food products, and medical devices for commercial success. We currently operate in Canada, India and the USA. 

    We are entrepreneurs and business people ourselves. Having gone through building, and running our own companies for over two decades, we have developed expertise, know-how, intellectual assets, and strategic networks that enable us to invest, create products, and provide services of a distinctive nature.  

    We believe that innovative businesses are strong drivers of economic and social progress. They shape the future by challenging the norm. This is what excites us and this is why we take an active role of a catalyst. We help entrepreneurs and promising health care businesses succeed. 

    We operate with a fundamental philosophy of creating, sustaining, and driving longterm growth. Success and longterm growth come only with the co-existence of entrepreneurship and management discipline. Entrepreneurship and innovation pushes for constant experimentation and improvement, while management discipline brings stability and promotes the development of an identity. The two cannot co-exist without strong visionary leadership. 

    Everything we do reflects such values. We work unconstrained, we attract exceptional leadership, and we take a longterm view in everything we do. We are partners for the long haul. We do not work hands off. We become part of your team and work as an extension of your company. We walk the journey with you. Your success is our success. 

    Let us connect and start exploring our journey together. 

Our Story

Kashbon Group's journey began in the year 2001 and took a long way to get where we are today. 
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Kashbon Group Leadership

Kah Jing Lim, PhD

Dr. Kah Jing Lim's expertise is in molecular biology, cancer biology, the Natural Health Products industry, GMP manufacturing and regulatory compliance.

Indrajit Sinha, PhD, MBA

Dr. Indrajit Sinha's background is in biotechnology, microbiology, intellectual property, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and regulatory compliance.