We work with therapeutics, consumer health products, food products, and medical devices.

We work as an extension of your group

We believe that innovative businesses are strong drivers of economic and social progress. They shape the future by challenging the norm. This is what excites us and this is why we take an active role of a catalyst. We become part of your team and work as an extension of your company. We walk the journey with you. Your success is our success.

We provide a range of interim management, strategic consulting, project management, and operations related services. We bring exceptional value to any organization. Whether you are a startup, private, public, or a not-for-profit company, if we can be of value, we will work with you. 

Each of us have extensive senior leadership experience and we bring practical and transferable skills that will enhance any group's or company's performance.

We get involved hands-on and start contributing from day one. We are problem solvers. We understand the challenges quickly, grasp what is expected, and develop tailored solutions with our clients to push fast towards the desired outcome.

We work in the following areas:

Life science companies have always operated in a rapidly evolving landscape. However, todays pace of change is unprecedented. With changing age and demographics of patients, interconnectivity trends, new diseases, better informed consumers, evolving regulatory frameworks, along with forever escalating inflation, life science companies have to redefine their priorities in this new landscape.

Product development and innovation

Accelerate innovation, launch disruptive technologies, and enable innovators reach their full potential.

Portfolio management consulting

Select, prioritize, and optimize your investments with a view of financial objectives and risk tolerance.

Strategy formulation and execution

Effective risk management, business strategy and an aligned operational compliance, enables good business.