We pioneer technologies that protect and improve health

We pioneer technologies that enable individualized health improvement and disease prevention.

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OnTarget Platform

It takes 10 years and a billion dollars to develop a drug candidate ready for clinical trials. Despite such investments, the overall success of drugs in clinical trials is only 7.9%. The candidate selection process and matching appropriate companion devices can immensely improve the chances of success and repurposing such candidates if trials ultimately fail. 

This technology platform enables a smarter approach to drug candidate selection. 

Not available for licensing. 


Primary tumours are curable but secondary tumours are not. We create Zgrafts using few cells from blood of a patient. So the Zgraft is that patient’s cancer avatar. Now these avatars can then be monitored for the cancer’s ability to progress and drug sensitivity outside the patient's body with no discomfort to the patient.

Patents US20150315546A1, CA2893549C, EP2925890A4, SG11201504300VA, JP6430392B2, WO2014083555A1 may be available for licensing.
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Nutria Plus

A powerful antioxidant supplement formulated to help your body defend itself against the health challenges of modern life.
It is the first and only NHP approved by Health Canada that was formulated using the Zebrafish Research Model.

This technology has been commercialized. It is not available for licensing.


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Higher efficacy nourishing food - personalized for individuals.