Mature life science Product

Product in Market

Companies at this stage already have a product with all regulatory approvals. When a product reaches maturity, unless its life is extended, it starts to gradually decline. Following strategies are used to extending the life of the product:
  1. Constantly improve the product with user feedback (can go back to development stage.
  2. Differentiate from copycats
  3. Change the price and promotion to start new growth strategies
  4. Repositioning and or repurposing the product
  5. Enter new countries
  6. Mergers and acquisitions
We can assist with the following:

Differentiation and IP Protection
The moment a product is successful in the market, there are functionally and regulatory equivalent products (copycats) that appear in the market. To prevent loss of market share, companies often resort to differentiation and IP protection to extend lifecycle of the product. 
Repositioning and or Repurposing
Repositioning involves significantly altering the brand or appearance to change what customers think about your products. Repurposing is the use of a product for a purpose other than its original intended use. Repurposing can be done by modifying it to have a new use, or using the same product in a new way. Most of the time, regulatory approvals are involved in such changes.
Entering a New Country
A clear definition of business strategy, regulatory strategy, IP strategy, manufacturing and logistics, marketing strategy, sales channels, everything becomes relevant and proper preparation is key to success.

To enter new countries or new regulatory environments, new document preparation, translation of legal information, as well as regulatory approvals may be critical and time consuming.
Business Valuation and M&A
This generally involves analysis of market potential, analysis of resilience and risk, fair market value, discounted cashflow, and anything that could impact your business operations such as the design of the product, technological advancement, and clinical use. Future potential analysis, all supported with strong scientific evidence in primary literature is essential in proper valuation and M&A activities.
Advisory Services
No two businesses are alike. Our advisory services will differ for each client. Please contact us for evaluating your unique situation. If there are specific projects that you need support on, please reach out. We will get you the help.