For Startups

Companies in each stage of development will have different requirements. Some of our services that may be uniquely of interest to startups are presented below. We understand that pre-revenue startups can be at any stage and may have special requirements that most mature companies will not have. For that reason, it is best to reach out to us and explore further.

Coaching and Advisory Services
Most new founders can find incredible value in getting support from an advisor or a startup consultant. Partnering with an experienced founder early in the journey can help avoid common pitfalls, validate user needs, define the solution and accelerate the scaling process. 

We are entrepreneurs, we have walked the same path before. We could be a great asset to any life science Startup. 
Attracting Investors
Life science is expensive business. Founders can access funding from various sources such as cloud funding, bootstrapping (self fund), and seed investment from friends and family. However, most of the time that is not enough. Angel investment and eventual venture capital funding is essential. 

We help and support founders prepare and access funding opportunities. 
Business Tools
We develop lots of business tools that help us run our client's and our own businesses efficiently. We make then easily accessible for startups and small businesses. 

Under development

Are you looking for investors?

We are investors. However, we do not invest in ideas and we are not passive investors. We get involved in building the businesses we invest in. It is therefore understandable that we have to like the founder along with the business and we need to have enough incentive to devote our time. 

A typical standard for us is 20-25% of a company's profits in an early exit or at least a 15% equity stake if further rounds of investment is expected. If you are interested, contact us.